Facilitators will conduct the training at a local site for planning officials and staff using the materials provided by the Municipal Association.

The facilitator is responsible for:

  • Having every attendee sign their name on the sign-in sheet. The sign-in sheet is the record of the training session.
  • Returning a valid sign-in sheet to the Municipal Association.
  • Returning the DVDs to the Municipal Association.
  • Completing the certificates for each attendee. Certificates will be provided by the Municipal Association. Each certificate is signed by the Association's executive director. The facilitator will also sign the certificate and complete the rest of the form by supplying the name of the certificate holder and the date of training.
  • Distributing the certificates to each attendee who has completed the mandated three-hours of continuing education.
  • Distributing copies of the sign-in sheet to the municipal clerk. The sign-in sheet is valid only when the facilitator signs it. The clerk will maintain a copy of the sign-in sheet on file as a part of the local government's official training records.
  • Copying and distributing scripts to each attendee.