Miriam Hair, Executive Director
Eric Budds, Deputy Executive Director
Reba Campbell, Deputy Executive Director

Advocacy and Communications

Melissa Carter, Research and Legislative Liaison
Sarita Chourey, Content Manager
Casey Fields, Manager for Municipal Advocacy
Ashleigh Hair, Administrative Assistant
Meredith Houck, Creative Services and Website Manager
Scott Slatton, Legislative and Public Policy Advocate
Tigerron Wells, Government Affairs Liaison
Michelle Willm, Administrative Assistant

Collection Programs

Melissa Brown, Collections Analyst
Caitlin Cothran, Assistant Manager for Collection Programs
Susan Gainey, Collections Analyst
Myan Jencks, Administrative Assistant
Brenda Kyzer, Manager for Collection Programs

Education and Training

Elizabeth Copeland, Administrative Assistant
Urica Floyd, Staff Associate for Distance Learning
Ken Ivey, Conference Manager
Sara Johnson, Staff Associate for Affiliate Services
Beppie LeGrand, Main Street SC Manager
Lea Ann Mitchell, Administrative Assistant
Christine Sumter, Administrative Assistant

Field Services

Jeff Shacker, Field Services Manager
Bill Taylor, Field Services Manager


Shirley Miller, Financial Manager
Lynn Miller, Accounts Payable Coordinator
Stephanie O'Cain, Chief Financial Officer
Jodi Pendris, Financial Specialist

Information Technology

Virginia Butler, Business Systems Analyst
Krystal Dailey, Information Technology Manager
Fremont Nelson, Information Technology Support Specialist


Candace Fleming, Receptionist
Summer Randall, Operations Manager

Risk Management Services

Jacci Barker, Senior SCMIT Claims Adjuster
Terri Camp, SCMIRF Claims Analyst
Deanna Davis, Senior SCMIRF Claims Adjuster
Tony DesChamps, Senior SCMIT Claims Adjuster
Amy Gillian, RMS Financial Assistant
Joy Gloster, Technology Operations Specialist
Jennifer Gray, Financial Manager for Risk Management Services
Sue Grist, Senior SCMIT Claims Adjuster
Venyke Harley, Loss Control Manager
Joan Haynes, Underwriting Specialist
Meredith Kaiser, Loss Control Consultant
Brenda Kegler, SCMIT Associate Claims Adjuster
Amy Lindler, Technology Operations Manager
Cindy Martellini, Claims Manager
Connie Martin, Senior Adjuster - SCMIRF
Heather Ricard, Director of Risk Management Services
Janice Smith, Administrative Assistant
Leigh Stoner, Underwriting Manager
Todd Williams, Public Safety Loss Control Consultant
Rem Williams, Senior SCMIRF Claims Adjuster
Mike Woodall, Senior SCMIT Claims Adjuster