Delegates at the Municipal Association of South Carolina's Annual Meeting unanimously elected Alys Lawson, mayor of the City of Conway, as the Association's president. She will serve a one year term.  

 Alys Lawson
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Elections took place on Friday, July 17, at the Association's Annual Meeting. When asked about her vision for South Carolina hometowns, here is what Mayor Lawson had to say:

How are cities and towns influencing positive change in South Carolina?
Cities and towns can lead the way in our state by building communities that are inclusive, supporting, loving and foster acceptance. With the recent events in our own City of Charleston, we can learn from our friends in the Lowcountry how unity and acceptance can triumph over hate. Cities and towns can show the best of our communities and the positive results when everyone joins together for good.

How is the delivery of city services related to a successful South Carolina?
Efficient and effective delivery of city services is one of the most important things a city can do for its residents, visitors and businesses. From public safety services, to garbage pickup to water and sewer services, cities and towns provide necessary services that residents and visitors demand for a safe and thriving hometown. These are the same services important to business and industry. Quality municipal services are essential in supporting existing business and industry and attracting new investment and jobs to our state. Delivering top notch city services is at the cornerstone of municipal government.

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing cities and towns?
Keeping taxes low while at the same time delivering quality services. We want our cities and towns to be safe, clean and economically viable. We want our residents to have pride in their hometown and visitors to keep coming back.