Terence Roberts 
Delegates at the Municipal Association of South Carolina's 74th Annual Meeting unanimously elected Terence Roberts, mayor of the City of Anderson, as the Association's president of the board of directors for 2014-2015.  
Elections took place on Friday, July 11, at the Association's Annual Meeting. When asked about his vision for South Carolina hometowns, here is what Mayor Roberts had to say:
Why are cities and towns so important for economic development in South Carolina?
Whether  jobs come to the state through a locally owned manufacturer in Anderson or an entrepreneur setting up shop in downtown Charleston, cities and towns are the hubs of innovation that offer the services and amenities that business owners and their families demand.
What do you see as the biggest challenge cities and towns face?
Keeping residents and visitors safe and protecting their personal and businesses property is one of the most important jobs of a city or town. One challenge that local officials face is finding revenue to support the growing needs of public safety departments from hiring and training additional officers to maintaining and updating vehicles and equipment. Residents rely on municipal officials to protect their businesses, their homes and their families. Visitors want to feel safe at events and attractions in the city. Reducing crime is always at the forefront of the efforts of local officials.
How can cities and towns influence change in South Carolina?
Cities and towns can influence change by keeping on doing what we are doing - being the engines of economic recovery and future success for South Carolina. Just about every economic development success in our state is centered around a city. Companies looking to locate or grow in South Carolina are looking for safe neighborhoods, clean streets and  quality infrastructure - all elements that cities and towns provide. Because of our focus on providing these quality services and focusing on such things as sports tourism and nurturing the arts, cities and towns are attracting businesses and industry, creating jobs and promoting healthy lifestyles.