Beppie LeGrand
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Columbia, SC - Beppie LeGrand, manager for Main Street South Carolina, has been appointed to the board of trustees for the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the board of directors for the National Main Street Center, serving as chair of the National Main Street executive committee.

Joining the Association in 1995, LeGrand provides community development and downtown revitalization technical assistance for Main Street South Carolina. She has a bachelor's degree in history with an emphasis on southern studies from the University of South Carolina.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is focused on preserving historic buildings and sites. The National Trust Main Street Center links together state, regional and local programs to share information and analysis that help build strong communities.
Main Street South Carolina empowers residents, business owners and local officials with the knowledge, skills, tools and organizational structure necessary to revitalize their downtowns, neighborhood commercial districts and cities and towns into vibrant centers of commerce and community.   
The Municipal Association of South Carolina is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit Association of incorporated cities and towns dedicated to raising the standards of municipal government through a broad range of services.