The Municipal Association of SC has a new way to share information about issues affecting the state's cities and towns with the launch of its blog, City Connect.
"Information and news come at us in so many forms, formats and sizes these days," said Reba Campbell, the Association's deputy director. "We know we have to package it differently for different audiences. The blog is just another way for us to connect elected officials and staff in our cities and towns with information that can help them govern effectively."
While the blog's intended audience is the elected officials and staff in the state's 270 cities and towns, anyone interested in good government at the local level should find it interesting, Campbell noted.  "The blog will share good news, breaking news or news that might get buried somewhere else."
For example, the Municipal Association's website includes more than 1000 pages of information related to topics as diverse as budgeting to forms of government and legislative issues to running a meeting. "The blog is just another way the Association has to connect people with helpful information," Campbell said.
Anyone interested in subscribing to City Connect can visit or contact Blog updates are also linked from the Association's Twitter feed (@MuniAssnSC), Facebook page (CitiesMeanBusiness) and website (
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