Columbia, SC "The South Carolina Community Development Association awarded Aiken with its 2014 Award of Excellence.   

Aiken receives 2014 Award of Excellence 

Emory Langston, special projects coordinator, City of Aiken
and Matthew DeWitt, SCCDA president
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 The Award of Excellence recognizes community development projects that have significantly improved the community and served as catalysts for further improvements to the area's quality of life.
Aiken's Safe Communities Approach was started in response to a series of violent crimes involving Aiken Public Safety officers.
It is a long-term process to develop community partnerships and relationships to reduce violent crime in the City of Aiken. Statewide and local law enforcement agencies work together under the Joint Law Enforcement Task Force and the Aiken Safe Communities Action Team with volunteer citizens to identify offenders in the community and get those offenders the necessary services to stop repeat offenses and reduce crime. 
The SC Community Development Association provides a forum for learning about the community development process. Its members include municipal, county, regional and state community development professionals; employees of private companies with an interest in community development; elected officials and volunteers.

For more information about The Aiken Safe Communities Approach contact Jake Mahoney ( at 803.642.7620.