Municipalities often face various challenges to delivering services efficiently. One of them is enclaves, which are unincorporated properties surrounded entirely by a city. Cities and towns need increased flexibility to bring enclaves into the municipal limits. Another is the difficulty of administering state and local licensing and permitting regulations.
Support inclusion of enclaves into cities and towns. Enclaves force city and county residents to pay more for services than they should because these "donuts holes" within municipal boundaries create confusion about which jurisdiction should deliver the services. This confusion endangers residents" lives by causing unnecessary delays for police, fire and medical responders. Plus, it degrades residents" quality of life because of conflicts over zoning, property maintenance and the delivery of services such as water, sewer and garbage collection.
The Municipal Association supports the inclusion of enclaves into cities" boundaries to maximize efficiency, save taxpayer money and improve quality of life.
Make doing business easier in cities and towns. Cities mean business. And doing business in a city or town should be as easy as possible. Zoning approval, permitting and licensing are all necessary to protect businesses and the public. But sometimes these processes can be confusing.
To help South Carolina's cities and towns continue to be business-friendly, the Municipal Association will expand its training for local officials and partner with the SC Business Licensing Officials Association, the Building Officials Association of SC and the SC Chapter of the American Planning Association to promote streamlining procedures among these disciplines.
The Municipal Association will also continue to develop business-friendly products such as the standardized business license application and the model business license ordinance and handbook.