Blight negatively affects municipal residents" physical, emotional and economic well-being and compromises a city's ability to ensure public safety. To mitigate the effects of blight on their communities, city officials need more tools and education on available resources.
  • Give the private and nonprofit sectors more opportunities to invest in communities. The Municipal Association and its member cities and towns support passage of the Dilapidated Buildings Act. This will provide more opportunities for private businesses and nonprofit organizations to invest in the local economy and create jobs by returning derelict properties to productive use.
  • Ensure cities and towns use existing tools to clear blight. Starting at its 2015 Hometown Legislative Action Day, the Municipal Association will train municipal elected officials on existing laws and procedures that allow them to clear blight. The Association will also partner with the Palmetto Property Maintenance Officers Association to develop and deliver training to code enforcement officials across the state.
  • Identify and remove hurdles to clearing blight. The Municipal Association will develop public and private partnerships to identify state regulations that are stricter than federal regulations and propose changes to make clearing blight less expensive and burdensome.