100 percent ordinance


  • Petition submitted signed by 100 percent of property owners
  • Council accepts petition
  • Adopts ordinance
  • Files notice with Secretary of State, SCDOT and Department of Public Safety
  • Public hearing not required

75 percent petition/ordinance


  • Petition - 75 percent freeholders owning 75 percent assessed valuation
  • Must be dated before first signature
  • Contain description and plat of area
  • Must state code section
  • Filed with governing body
  • Council agrees to accept petition
  • 30-day public notice and public hearing are required

25 percent petition/election


  • Petition signed by 25 percent of the "qualified electors" who must be residents within the area to be annexed
  • Description of area to be annexed
  • Code section authorizing the annexation method (5-3-300)
  • County Election Commission must conduct election and certify results
  • If election is successful, the city must provide public notice and allow 30 days for public reaction which may require an additional referendum in the city.

 Key Terms

Contiguity: Property adjacent to a municipality that shares a continuous border not established by a road, waterway, right of way, easement, railroad track, marshland or utility line which connects one property to other, unless the property would touch if the intervening connector was removed. Key point: The intervening connecter does not destroy contiguity.

Freeholder: A firm or person at least 18 years old owning at least one-tenth of the property to be annexed.